From Being Homeless to The CEO Of A Company – Here is The Incredible Story of Elmer And Roberta!

Turn His Life Around

Elmer Alvarez, a man in his early forties, was having a tough time as things weren’t going great for him. He was a homeless person dwelling on the streets of New Haven, Connecticut, for many years. His past hadn’t gone all too good either, his former drug habit was one of the reasons that led to the unfortunate turn of events. However, he wanted to turn things around.

But, luck was not on his side. He was a homeless man braving the sub-zero temperatures of Connecticut. Things were looking down on him he was praying hard that things would change for him.

However, things started happening when he was least expecting it. It was one cold shivery November morning when the weather was matching his mood and suddenly fate intervened in an incredible fashion. He found a check!

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